Opening to This Moment

The 3 Essential Practices for Awakening to Your Buddha Nature


A Special Global Online Event

with Do-On Robert Thomas, Dharma Teacher at SFZC

Saturday April 4, at 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST

Awakening to our true nature is quite natural for us as human beings — or at least it should be!

We’re born with the innate ability to directly experience our original state of wakefulness. We sense this wakefulness within us and know it to be true.

In Zen, we call this our Buddha-nature.

When you awaken to your Buddha-nature, it’s like a light going on in a dark room. Suddenly, you can see what was there all along. The key is that this only happens in the present moment.

Opening to this moment, you access the possibility of opening to every moment of your life with greater freedom, confidence, wisdom and compassion.

However, for many of us it is difficult to cultivate this open-in-the-moment approach to life inside the intensity and stress of our modern, hyper-fast culture.

Additionally, committing to and maintaining a practice that directly supports this path of awakening can be both challenging and confusing.

That is why the San Francisco Zen Center has invited Dharma teacher, Do-On Robert Thomas to share with you the three essential practices for awakening to your Buddha-nature within the circumstances of your life right NOW.

Having this direct experience of the true you — you as Buddha — is one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself.

In this free online seminar, you will learn how to apply these three essential practices to your daily life:

Starting Where You Are

You’ve got everything you need. You’ll see how the current circumstances of your life are the perfect conditions for you to experience your Buddha-nature.

Sensing With the Body

Find the quiet, still place within. You’ll directly experience how to use awareness of your body to settle yourself and develop the confidence to embrace the moment-to-moment flow of your life.

Receiving the Present Moment

Allow your true nature to be revealed. You’ll deepen your understanding of receiving each moment and recognizing your original wakefulness.

Join us for this exciting event as we offer a remarkable, one-hour look into Zen Buddhism’s radically different approach to being in your life.

Do-On Robert Thomas will share how to use Zen practice to access your true self and awaken to your Buddha-nature.

As you open to this moment as Buddha, you will discover a more fulfilling life that benefits all beings.

More About Robert

Robert ThomasRobert’s kind and mindful presence is the result of over twenty years of Zen practice, including six years of intensive meditation practice at Tassajara and eight years as president of the San Francisco Zen Center. He was ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest in 2000, and received Dharma Transmission from his Zen teacher, Zoketsu Norman Fischer in 2009. As a Dharma Teacher, he leads meditation retreats, workshops, and gives public lectures throughout the year. Prior to coming to Zen practice Robert was a filmmaker, restaurateur and magazine Creative Director. Robert thrives in practicing together with others, and facilitating fresh and compelling explorations of Zen Buddhist thought and practice as they apply to real-life issues and challenges.

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“The purpose of our practice is to have direct experience of our Buddha-nature… whatever you do, it should be the direct experience of Buddha-nature.”

~ Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
Founder of San Francisco Zen Center

What People Are Saying…

“Robert’s straightforward Dharma commentary helped me understand [myself] in a new way… The overall experience felt intimate in a way that surprised me — an excellent use of a digital platform.”

— Andrew Zarrillo

“I began to relax into it [my meditation practice] instead of trying so hard and ultimately stopping. This made all the difference in me establishing a regular practice. I feel like I have a path forward now. Really great program and the online model worked very well for me.”

— Eric E.

“I’m calmer and more able to meet everyday challenges with equanimity. I sleep better.”

— Sara Ostrov

“I am now meditating almost every day and discovering how to be still and how to be mindful. The program [that Robert led] will affect me for the rest of my life as I intend to continue with this exploration.”

— Lindsay Barker